Every day your skin is under attack by oxidative stress, which is a leading role in skin aging.

In your search to revitalize your skin and free radical-fighting antioxidants, you encountered research and results touting the individual antioxidant powers of Vitamin C and Vitamin E.

Skin Revitalizing Vitamins

Vitamin E is one of the most powerful antioxidants known to science. However, as Vitamin E fights damaging free radicals, this critical antioxidant becomes depleted.

But did you know that using a combination of antioxidants deliver superior results when compared to using a single antioxidant alone? When Vitamin E is paired with Vitamin C, it reignites its age-fighting power to extraordinary new levels!

That’s where Mary Kay’s new Timewise replenishing serum C+E comes in…

Superstar Serum

With Mary Kay’s new superstar serum, Vitamin E gets a boost of Vitamin C that reignites its age-fighting power in a dynamic cycle of replenishment.

Vitamin C helps reduce uneven skin tone and discoloration, helping contribute to skin brightness and a more even complexion.

Three distinct sources of Vitamin C are delivered in this exclusive formula to give your skin the antioxidant-rich, age-defying power it needs.

To make this serum a super skin-saver, the genius scientists at Mary Kay harnessed the multifunctional potential of navy bean extract. This innovative ingredient has been shown to help reduce the appearance of discoloration on the skin’s surface and improve the look of more even-toned skin overall.

Daily use delivers skin that’s firmer, brighter, and that’s glowing with good health! I promise your skin will thank you for it!

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