There are several brands out there on the market as well as lots of natural and organic claims. It can be overwhelming, so I wanted to provide a list of things to look for when choosing the skincare brand for you.

What questions should you be asking?

So, what questions should you be asking? Do they spend time and money on research and testing? Do the ingredients meet the exacting standards and quality? Is there a product guarantee? Do they test on animals? and lastly do they have environment sustainability?

I am pleased to tell you that the brand I stand behind and love has done an excellent job in all these areas. Mary Kay has been a leader in the skincare world.

So why choose Mary Kay?

Mary Kay’s Mission is to deliver on every product promise they make. They stand behind the quality and results that they claim. I am always so impressed that Mary Kay has met the high standard to ensure consumer safety. All the ingredients Mary Kay uses meet the European Union and are EU Compliant. What this means is, Mary Kay meets the European standards of safety. Over 1,300 Ingredients have been banned to ensure product safety. They carefully screen each ingredient. If they can’t verify it, they won’t use it.

Product testing

Mary Kay spends lots of money and time running tests each year and clinical studies with independent dermatologists and medical experts. Mary Kay also doesn’t test on animals. They have been a global leader in finding other methods of testing.

100% product satisfaction

I’m proud to say Mary Kay has a high loyalty to their products not only because the products are safe, but they deliver the results that they claim. When you purchase any Mary Kay products you have that guarantee knowing that if you aren’t completely satisfied, they will stand behind it for a refund or exchange.